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  1. Ralph Jason Copiaco

    Good Day

    This is Ralph Copiaco, Wedding Planner

    i have a client who will have their wedding on nueva ecija
    i just would like to ask if you can send me your wedding packages with corresponding rates and amenities


  2. thanks for replying to my comment. you deserve good reviews. =)

    thanks also for the link.

    i hope to see you the next time i visit your place

  3. hi
    one of my client will tie up knot by january next year somewhere in san jose nueva ecija.
    do you accept outside catering service? probably the reception venue would be in a garden within san jose or munoz.

    may i please request quotation of your wedding package for 100 pax.

    thanks so much. hoping for an urgent reply.

    jona ramos, wedding coordinator

  4. hi,
    me & my hubby are planning to get married next year..

    can you please advise if you accept catering outside cabanatuan…i am from san jose city and may possibly have our reception in my home town.

    appreciate if you could send me your quotation for 200pax..

    you can also include quoting your wedding packages..i.e, having our reception at your place..



  5. mam pwde po mlaman kung magkano yung package sa 100 person baptismal po tnx.

  6. Hi,
    Me and my fiance are getting married next year in month of April.
    I’m from Cabanatuan City also but i’m in Manila at the moment.
    Could you please send me the quotation of your wedding packages, if for example we are having the reception in your place.Maximum of 100 person.

    Thank you so much . hoping for urgent reply.


  7. i have a plan to celebrate baptismal of my only ija to ur reception,how much your package for 100 persons?

  8. i will be having my wedding this coming may. Can I please ask for a quotation of your wedding packages as well as the amenities included. hope to hear from you very soon.

  9. jan arzeni sanchez

    our high school batch will be having a reunion, we are looking for a comfortable and affordable place to hold the reunion, the number of expected guests was not yet confirmed but roughly, its around 70. how much is the reservation, and the whole package.. thank you

  10. hi! could you kindly send me a quotation for a baptismal package. thanks!

  11. can u send me ur quotation for the wedding package for 200pax..?i will get married by june 2011.. tnx

  12. hello, i need to have an estimate for a wedding in september. Number of guest should be around 60.

  13. Is this place accessible to people in wheelchairs?

  14. dear mam/sir

    hello, can you please send me your quotations for golden wedding aniv. on july 15 2011.for 100 pax..and for how many hours can we stay.


  15. good morning, im floro dela cruz mag 18th b-day kc ung sister ko gusto sana namin na jan sa vicenticos icelebrate pd ba isend mo sakin ung debut package nyo, kaya lng 50,000 ung budget for 70pax… thanks, san mag send ka asap..

  16. good afternoon please send me a quotation for baptismal package.. i need it asap…
    thank you…

  17. joanne guevarra

    Hi! im joan. i’m getting married january next year. can u pls send me ur quotation for 150pax. kindly specify what includes in the wedding package. the reception will be in a garden resort in san jose city. thanks!

  18. Hi good day. may i ask kung nagcacater kayo ng wedding aside sa venue ninyo. if yes, magkano po rates nila for 200 pax. kindly send me emails. thank you.

  19. Good day po, inquire ko lng po how much package nyo sa 2oo pax, by dec 28 po ang Wedding, ty po

  20. I’m getting married this coming october 2011. can u pls send me ur quotation for 100pax. kindly specify what includes in the wedding packages.

    I am also thinking for a garden wedding, can you recommend also a venue for a garden wedding (Cabanatuan)?

    Please reply asap! Send also the information on my private e-mail

  21. good day!!! can u pls. send me a baptismal package and also for the picture of the place…thank u.. ill wait for it

  22. Hello,

    We are planning my mom’s 60th bday for Dec 20, 2012. I was wondering the different packages you all have and food to choose from. I saw some are listed here, but wanting to know if we have the freedom to add or substitute food types? We’re thinking it would be for about 200 people.

    Theresa Gomes

  23. Melanie Dalubatan

    Good day.. Me and bf is planning to get maried next year but we’re both in abroad. Me here in kuwait and him at australia. its hard for us to find a venue for our wedding.. Can u please send the packages for the wedding for 100pax.May i please request quotation of your wedding inside the vicenticos or in grand victoria clubhause. Thank you very much.. God bless you.

    you can send also in my bf email add:

  24. My fiancee and I are getting married early next year in San JOse City. Will you be able to cater outside Cabanatuan?
    Please give us a quotation for 150 guests.

  25. ok maam i will send it through your email thank you.

  26. Hi, my partner and I were planning to get married this December, and would you accept to cater somewhere in Munoz N.E. How much will it cost for a 150-200 guest? What are the inclusives in your packages?

  27. Hi can you sendme quotations of wedding package in your place for reception in wedding for 150persons. thanks.godbless

  28. Hi! Kindly send me ur wedding packages for 100persons on dec 2012. Thanks!

  29. hi!my partner and i were planning to get married this december,kindly send me your weddding packages for 150 person.and how much will cost?

  30. aisa navallo-diaz

    Ms. Pia, this is aisa, daiughter of teacher rhoda..confirm na po na dyan sa priscillas gawin party nya.aug 25 po,6pm..san ko po kau pwede makontak kasi busy po ata sila mama ngayon e hindi namn po ako makauwi dyan..thanks po..

  31. hi do u accept catering services outside your resto. within cabanatuan city also. estimated guests are 100. 4 course dinner. pls send me email asap. tnx

  32. Please send me your wedding packages with corresponding rates and amenities.

  33. Would you please send me your wedding packages with corresponding rates and amenities.
    thanks a lot!

  34. Please send me a quotation for 50 pax and it would be a luncheon buffet, venue will be at premiere medical center on july 31. Thank you

  35. Hi kindly send me your wedding packages, here is my email thanks

  36. Hi,
    I am planning to get married on June 2014.
    Do you cater outside Cabanatuan City? I would like to get married in San Jose City.
    If you do, can you please send me your wedding packages?


  37. Could you please send me a copy of your wedding packages..thanks much

  38. please send me a copy of your wedding packages..tnx

  39. Hi kindly send me your baptismal packages good for 50 pax for lunch, thanks in advance.

  40. Hi,we are planning to have a get together with my college friends good for 20pax for lunch.Please send me a 2 sets of packages to compare.Hope for your soonest reply.Thanks

  41. Narciso Valmadrid Banay banay

    Please send me a copy of your wedding packages and if you cater outside cabanatuan… thank you.

  42. Do you have a wedding package for 50 pax? Kindly send me a menu and inclusions. Thanks

  43. Good day! Can I get the list of foods and drinks as well as their prices? We are planning to go to nueva ecija for our north loop escapade and we are making our budget for our trip. Thank you so much! Godbless!

  44. Hi, im looking for a caterer as well as a venue for my upcoming wedding. It will be nxt yr by the month of august. Kindly send me a quotation for 130-160 guest. Mostly native dishes kc filipiniana ang theme ko. Will u also provide the drapings of the tables and chairs?? Just the reception. Appropriate for lunch meal.

  45. Puede pong malaman kung puede pa magpabook for sept 21 2014? For 100 pax. 90th bday ng aming nanay. Thank u

  46. Michael del rosario

    Are you open on sundays.? Lunch…. Plan to bring my extended family. We are eight

  47. Hi
    Ask ko Kung pwede mag pasend ng quotation for 200 pax wedding venue thank you

  48. Pwede mag pasend ng quotation for 200 pax wedding venue thank you

  49. rosemarie salonga

    hi.i’m getting married january next year. can u pls send me ur quotation for 150person. kindly specify what includes in the wedding package.thank u.

  50. good day!Would you please send me your wedding packages with corresponding rates and amenities.i have 3 client this december..hoping for an urgent reply.

    roman nileng – wedding planner

    thank you

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